Open-E Per Incident Support

Mfg Nr. 1613
Wave Nr. 10771
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The Per Incident Support is a Fee-based charge of $399.00 for Open-E products only and is a pay per incident support case per Serial Number.

The Per Incident Support is provided 24hrs including week days, weekends and holidays.

When contacting the support center please provide all contact information (name, phone number and email address) and the Serial Number of your Open-E product. The Serial Number can be found on the USB or IDE module from the label on the back side or from the GUI located in the Help>About page. Additionally, please be ready to provide logs from the GUI, this can be downloaded from Status>Hardware>Logs - then click on the download button.

Please make sure that you have registered your Open-E product. If not please refer to link below as this will allow you to access software updates for your module. Product Registration:

Once contacting the After-hours Support representative and providing all information, a support engineer will be located to contact you in regards to your issue. In some instances during high call volumes this can take up to 4 hours to respond from the time of receiving your call.

Per Incident Support: +1 (877) 572-5134


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